Brownline has developed a down hole steering system based on gyro technology. The Gyro Steering tool provides highly accurate navigational information of the drill head in real time. In doing so, it is not affected by any external influences. The Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool is currently the most advanced steering system available on the world market today.

Our innovative Gyro Steering Tool provides a proven accuracy of 0.01° on the pitch/inclination plane and 0.04° on the azimuth plane, irrespective of the circumstances. The Gyro Steering Tool is not dependent on magnetic fields or beacons and hence has a MUCH shorter setup time. This saves our customers time and resources.

Additionally, Brownlines Radar intersect systems are modules which can be added to our Gyro Steering systems. Our Radar systems allow for the completion of very long HDD crossings which have been used to complete projects of up to 4500m in length. 

The lower annular pressure produced using this intersect method reduces the risk of inadvertent fluid releases during drilling operations. With incomparable positional accuracy of the Gyro Steering  system paired with our Radar intersect systems, a quick and seamless connection can be made between the two bore holes. 

The accuracy of the GST/Radar combo not only reduces positional uncertainty of intersect projects but also reduces potential doglegs at the intersect point giving a much smoother drill path, in turn reducing pull forces during the product line install.